Welcome to North Projectz. What are you looking for?

Well, this is my landing page. Its whats behind this that is important. Unfortunately I am pretty much the only one with the access to this data. I am a web developer and I create websites for business for FREE!! yes I do freelance work for FREE!

This Business

People always ask me "Jeff why do this for free?" and I tell them that for ever good deed you perform for others, good deeds will come to you. I believe in that, and I believe everyone is looking for some way to get on the web and do something. Whether the goal is to make money, family photos, baby photos, social networks, and more... not everyone has the skills, or even I do not have ALL the skills. I am blessed though with the skills I do have. I am thankful to those who want me to do there work for them. In closing, this is how I do business and I am proud of that.